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At My Best Strengths Cards



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At My Best Strengths Cards is exactly what it says. It is a pack of cards with strength based images and words to help individual and team development, focusing on strengths and positive attributes for staff training and one-to-one coaching.

Specifically designed to provide inspiration through words and photographs to help people be at their best and uncover their own strengths through group discussion, individual development and coaching, and feedback sessions.

At My Best Strengths Cards are simple, highly effective, and engaging way to improve the quality of your thinking and conversations, focusing solely on positive attributes.

With 48 cards to choose from, each with one image and one word, there are varying ways to interpret what represents your strengths.

The cards have been developed with proven positive psychology research and theory, which shows that understanding our strengths, and using them on a regular basis, allows us to benefit from them significantly. Other benefits from focusing on strengths shows that:

  • • Strengths based development leads to higher levels of employee engagement
  •  Staff are more likely to be disengaged if their manager focuses on their weaknesses rather than their strengths
  •  Strength-based interventions increase productivity
  •  Managers who emphasise strengths unlock higher performance from their employees

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At My Best Strengths Cards

At My Best Strengths Cards

SGD 52.50