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CCL - Values Explorer card deck

CCL - Values Explorer card deck

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Values Explorer™ is a tool developed by the Center for Creative Leadership to explore and understand values in the workplace, at the individual and organizational levels.

The deck contains 52 cards with human values and their brief definitions, as well as instructions for use. The cards may be sorted according to Always Valued, Often Valued, Sometimes Valued, Seldom Valued, and Never Valued. The deck is quite flexible as a tool, and may be used by a single individual, a coaching pair, and in small and large groups. 

See Center for Creative Leadership's Labs@CCL Support Blog for User’s Guides, stories, tips, and insights.


This is used as:

  • An icebreaker during management coaching and corporate workshops
  • An effective tool to understand values of individuals within the team/organisation
  • A learning exercise to teach teams to understand and work effectively with each other
  • A management tool for managers and team leads to get to know their team mates better
  • A tool to develop self-awareness for individuals, partners, and small and large groups

 Highly recommended for:

  • Managers and team leads
  • Business executives and leaders
  • Business coaches
  • Human resource departments
  • Individuals who want to improve self-awareness
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Workshop and Training facilitators