Essentials of Experiential Learning - 1 day RSVP Design training in Singapore on 22 June 2017

Essentials of Experiential Learning - 1 day RSVP Design training in Singapore on 22 June 2017

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SGD 300.00

Training in Singapore on 22 June 2017 by Graham Cook & Dr Geoff Cox

Timings: 9 - 5.30 pm

Location: ERCI, #10-01, 30 Prinsep Street, Singapore 188647

This is a practical 1 day workshop to experience, at first hand, the potential of using RSVP Design’s learning tools and resources, and to introduce a range of techniques and methods for designing, using and reviewing experiential learning. We focus on the learning process and how to develop individual and organisational learning capability.

Experiential learning is arguably one of the most significant areas of current research and practice in adult learning. Unfortunately, experiential learning is often used incorrectly to describe any kind of learning that involves practical, usually team-based, activities. RSVP Design uses the term experiential learning to refer to a specific form of learning, as defined by David Kolb’s experiential learning cycle of Experience -> Reflect-> Understand -> Apply. Designing experiential learning activities requires thinking about what the learners need to learn.

Experiential learning changes the role of the trainer. It moves the focus from a trainer who transmits knowledge to a trainer who fosters learning experiences. Experiential learning workshops focus on the skills that enable more independent learning and encourage a more learner-centred approach. This means that trainers must work more flexibly and responsively, adapting content and process to the needs of the learners and to the issues they identify as relevant.

During the workshop you will have an opportunity to experience 10 different RSVP Design activities in the areas of Personal development, Teamwork, Management, Leadership & Facilitation.

Spend your day learning from world-class designers and thinkers, Graham Cook and Dr. Geoff Cox who have designed internationally renowned products like the communication experiential activity, 'Colourblind'® exercise and the behavioural simulation "Shaping the Future".

 Workshop objectives:

  1. To provide an opportunity to participate in a range of RSVP Design learning activities and to explore how they might be used in different experiential training and development contexts
  2. To introduce participants to the thinking behind the structured design and application of our practical activities.
  3. To build confidence in using RSVP Design materials to facilitate specific learning discussions and link the learning back to your workplace and workshops.
  4. To motivate managers, trainers and HR specialists to involve learners in challenging and creative learning experiences

The workshop will be practical and interactive as participants share prior experiences and integrate new ideas and suggestions from the RSVP Design team.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is involved in learning and development: trainers, facilitators, organisational development specialists, operational managers, HR managers, coaches and consultants.

RSVP Design are experts in world-class learning design to support executive education & corporate training programmes around the globe. Many of their products are commonly used globally in many Business Schools including CCL, IMD, Thunderbird & Ashridge, and Executive Development programmes in organisations such as Sony Music, PWC & World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Graham Cook, the lead facilitator for this programme, leads the Learning Tools & Resources business, and the overall commercial aspects of RSVP Design, based in the HQ in Scotland. He is an experienced international business manager who has been involved in training and HR for more than 20 years, and also manages the reseller and distribution partnerships around the world.

 Dr Geoff Cox, co-facilitator for this programme, has a lead role in RSVP's Learning Design business.  After many years of using the outdoors as a learning environment, Geoff has progressively moved his professional focus towards the design of experiential educational content. Much of his time is spent working with major corporations and business schools to design and deliver experiential programme elements and business simulations.