Facilitation for collaborative leadership - Improve your facilitation skills and manage group dynamics at meetings using the Moderation Method

Facilitation for collaborative leadership - Improve your facilitation skills and manage group dynamics at meetings using the Moderation Method

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SGD 1,200.00

Training in Singapore on 7th & 8th December 2017 by  Raja Chidambaram & Deepa Bhat

Timings: 8 - 6 pm

Location: Drama Centre, National Library, 100 Victoria St, Singapore 188064

Better Decisions | Conviction in Action | Faster Meetings

Collaboration is key…
For business or organisational growth, the need now is to progressively engage
with a larger number of people from various fields and disciplines. Complexity,
speed, evolving cultures and markets leads to a greater than ever need for
ownership of decisions and actions among teams. This calls for more engagement,
interaction and collaboration. A leader in the current global context, needs skills
and competencies in the art of creating conditions that foster dialogue and
collaboration. These are skills in managing dynamics in human systems or the
actual art of facilitation of meetings and dialogues. Moderation Method
(MetaPlan) is a method that can help a leader create conditions, facilitate and
achieve objectives collaboratively as a team.

You will learn
Methods: Learn techniques, tools and use of hardware for more efficient facilitation of meetings, with enhanced participation from the group.
Skills: Get a deeper insight on the best structure to steer a meeting through and
managing dynamics of groups in meetings. Through multiple practice sessions, you
can watch yourself improve in two days.
Stance: Learn the internal stance required of a facilitator. It is important for the
facilitator to be aware of and consciously decide the attitude about self, others and
the context of the meeting.

Learning Outcomes
• Facilitate meetings and conferences in shorter time
• Enhance the level of participation of every person involved
• Handle difficult participants & groups better
• Improve conviction to decisions and action plan
• Better documentation of outcomes

• Overview of The Moderation Method
• Communication competencies of a moderator
• Brainstorming using cards and charts
• Guided Dialogue
• Dot Method
• Moderation Cycle
• Structuring and steering a meeting
• Behavioral norms for an effective moderator
• Psychological stance of a moderator
• Preparation – the key for effective
• moderation

In this learning space, each method or step will be introduced through demonstration
by an expert. Participants will have opportunity to practice and receive video
feedback. Participants would be able to see their progress over two days by watching
themselves in multiple practice sessions.

This learning event is specifically designed for :

Individuals who want to…
-Grow as collaborative leaders
-Increase effectiveness of their meetings
-Increase conviction to act on decisions among their team
-Understand human dynamics in group decision making situations
-Sharpen their facilitation skills in meetings, workshops or conferences

Organizations that …
-Believe in building a participatory culture
-Want to unleash the creativity and potential of all members
-Want to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the discussion spaces -
meetings, workshops, conferences etc.,

Feedback from past participants…
My role requires me to facilitate workshops aimed at discussing problems and
making decisions. While running them, I always thought I needed someone to
guide me to design tactics and methods to resolve roadblocks to effective group
decision-making. This program did just that – through a guided discovery method,
it helped me understand my blind spots and build a toolkit of methods and practice
my skills to be an effective facilitator - Kunal Gulati, Learning & Development head

I am sure that if I conduct meetings in this way their outcomes (positive and
actionable) will come within a span of 1 – 2 days. The facilitators are very
methodological in their approach. They give honest and on the spot feedback. The
best part was video shooting during session and its immediate analysis -
Praney Malhotra, Supply Chain and Sourcing Manager

I had come to this workshop for achieving specific objectives related to facilitation.
Pre-call with the facilitators really helped clarify my objectives and set clear
expectation with me. After an intense workshop, I feel like I am rightly equipped to
perform a role of moderator / facilitator - Aniket Barlawar, People’s Champion,
Human Resources

Raja Chidambaram: Raja delivers high impact change and leadership solutions; working with individuals, organizations, institutions and communities. He has worked with more
than 100 client systems from Business, Social Development, International Aid,
Governance and Education for over the last 22 years.

Deepa Bhat: Deepa works with emerging management approaches and social technologies in Organizational Learning. She has over 10 years of experience in facilitating learning and change interventions with a special focus on human dynamics in

Jaya Machet: Jaya is a specialist in leadership coaching and facilitation is passionate about people management, her coaching and facilitation expertise builds on a strong foundation of over 20 years in senior management positions in Nokia, including Head of Global Cash Management.