Neuland Marker BigOne® WN 6-12 mm, 13/Set 7

Neuland Marker BigOne® WN 6-12 mm, 13/Set 7

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SGD 90.65

Extra wide wedge-nib to draw eye-catching headlines and coloring in large areas.   Assorted colors: 304 denim blue, 305 ocean, 404 khaki, 405 neon green, 503 lime, 504 neon yellow, 601 red orange, 602 salmon, 703 dark violet, 704 neon pink, 803 greenish-brown, 804 sand and 805 light brown - refillable Line widths: 6-12 mm,

This is used as:

  • A colouring pen for drawing visual graphics and presentations
  • Best markers for use in adult colouring books
  • Pen for large lettering, calligraphy and when making bold lines
  • Markers for use in graphic presentations during meetings, workshops and trainings
  • Tools for creating visual aids for presentations

Material: PP   Water-based ink, VOC content: 0%