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Novario® ShoulderBag, Pin-It

Novario® ShoulderBag, Pin-It

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SGD 375.00

Optimized Content! The trendy and practical messenger style ShoulderBag allows for easy transportation of all your essential workshop materials. Made with a durable anthracite   grey wool fabric this soft bag comes complete with Novario boxes filled with a variety of materials and your choice of either Pin-it Cards, Stick-It Cards or empty. A handy large pocket at the front is the perfect space to   carry an iPad, book, or a bikablo 2.0.   Material: grey PU-coating nylon, 2 mm anthracite wool felt   Measures: W 32 x D 16 x H 26 cm Weight: 3.6 kg  

2 MarkerBoxes
1 CardBox
2 AccessoryBoxes
4 BigOnes (Black, Red, Blue & Green)
10 NoOne Black 10 NoOne (Grey, Red, Blue, Green, Light Green, Brilliant Yellow, Orange, Violet, Pink & Brown)
250 Rectangular Pin-it cards assorted
1,000 Marking Dots assorted
480 Marking Dots Visual, assorted
3 Glue sticks
100 Pins
1 Cutter with 2 spare blades
1 SpeechBubble ID tag
300 Pins
1 Clip PinCushion
1 Tissue packet