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Novario® ShoulderBag, Stick-It

Novario® ShoulderBag, Stick-It

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SGD 385.00

Optimized Content! Trendy shoulder bag made from robust textile fabric, along with the anthracite-colored cotton flap. The bag offers substantial room to carry your workshop materials safely within their Novario Boxes from place to place. The dividers can be removed and securely affixed with Velcro enabling you to have greater flexibly. With a handy large front pocket you can store your cell phone, pens and even have enough space to hold a bikablo 2.0!   Material: grey PU-coating nylon, 2 mm anthracite wool felt Measures: W  32 x D 16 x H 26 cm

2 MarkerBoxes
1 CardBox
2 AccessoryBoxes
4 BigOnes (Black, Red, Blue & Green)
20 NoOne Black
10 NoOne (Grey, Red, Blue, Green, Light Green, Brilliant Yellow, Orange, Violet, Pink & Brown)
50 Rectangular Stick-it cards: 50 each White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow & Orange
1,000 Marking Dots assorted
480 Marking Dots Visual, assorted
1 Masking Tape
100 Pins
1 Cutter with 2 spare blades
1 SpeechBubble ID tag
1 Tissue packet