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Successful Appraisal Coaching Cards

Successful Appraisal Coaching Cards

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Successful Appraisal Coaching Cards can be used as a coaching exercise for managers for conducting employee performance appraisals by suggesting questions to assist the appraiser and appraisee to keep the content interesting, engaging, and challenging, while being professional.

Can be used in other coaching and mentoring environments to help develop coaching skills, and personal development.

Ideal for both small and large organisations, L&D Managers, or HR, the cards can help develop confidence when conducting appraisals in the workplace.

The Successful Appraisal Coaching Cards from Mark Deacon & Reb Veale at Reveal Solutions provide guidance and tips for conducting and coaching through appraisals which covers a wide range of topics and themes during a session.

Used as an aid for line managers, HR, and staff to plan and prepare appraisals, meetings, and reviews. 

Use these cards to explore a variety of areas to enhance employee engagement, team and organisational achievement, and develop effective working relationships.