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Voyage Mapping: Hard Back

Voyage Mapping: Hard Back

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Voyage Mapping is a team development activity for planning, anticipating, and managing potential future challenges by reviewing, reflecting, and discussing past experiences with team members. The activity uses visual metaphors of a journey to generate discussion of past and future challenges.

Voyage Mapping provides a set of resources that allows individuals and groups to work with a powerful metaphor for exploring the past and preparing for future challenges.

The Voyage Mapping activity contains activities that enables participants to create visual business plans; potential project futures; review tasks, projects and processes they have undertaken to identify successes and failures. They then explore the critical incidents and draw from those key learning points which they believe will have value in the future. This reflective process helps to ensure that future mistakes can be avoided, problems and pitfalls can be anticipated and costly repetition or re-working minimised.

This activity can work with groups  anywhere between 2 and 16 people but around 6 per board is ideal.

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