Navigating Disruption Effectively - 1 day RSVP Design® training in Singapore (23 June 2017)
RSVP design experiential learning in Singapore with AlllinedupRSVP design experiential learning in Singapore with AlllinedupRSVP design experiential learning in Singapore with Alllinedup
The workshop started with the participants choosing an image to introduce themselves.
The cause of disruption is usually the speed of technological change, social and political change and demographic change.
The effect of disruption is a breakdown of trust, challenges to learn, resistance to change, uncertainty and anxiety.
Geoff and Graham develop tools for Learning Agility (which is what to do when we don’t know what to do) and Reframing (how to look at a situation differently) Through RSVP’s Challenging Assumptions the participants saw the importance of reworking, experimentation and taking risks to solve the puzzle.
Geoff and Graham used RSVP Innovation images to demonstrate creative thinking and innovation skills. A set of simple but carefully selected images were shown to participants and they had to link the images to an object e.g. link an image of a mouse, boot and a wooden log to a computer. The first is very obvious a computer mouse, the second needed a bit of a think – reboot. And some took very long to link the third image to login/logout.
The Webmaster activity showed the importance of collaboration, to develop time management skills, through effective communication, planning processes and time restrictions.
RSVP Experiential learning tools are great to identify learning agile individuals. Knowing who they are helps organisations accelerate leadership development.
Some have:
  • Mental agility – comfortable with complexity
  • People agility – skilled communicators
  • Change agility – like to experiment and are comfortable with change
  • Results agility – can deliver results in first time situations.

Geoff mentioned another attribute of Self Awareness the depth to which an individual knows himself/herself and recognises skills, strengths, weaknesses & blindspots. Self-awareness is the number one predictor of success.

The RSVP mystery object exercise helped elaborate the concept of learning agility as did the scenario based exercise

Graham emphasised that a child through school and university is encouraged and expected to work alone to achieve his goals but in an organisation the opposite is true. In short communication, collaboration and cooperation are of critical importance.