Tools for Collaboration

Who We Are

All Lined Up was founded by Jaya Machet, who is passionate about people and believes that human interaction can generate limitless possibilities. She has put together tools to help teams create this magic.


A specialist in leadership coaching and facilitation. Jaya is passionate about people. Jaya's coaching and facilitation expertise builds on a strong foundation of over 20 years in senior management positions in a multinational company, in Europe and Asia.

Jaya designs and delivers people development programs globally. She believes in the power of experiential learning which allows for deep individual and collective learning. She also enjoys facilitating groups to ensure effective exchange of ideas and experiences to enhance business results and communication.


All Lined Up is a one stop shop based in Singapore, selling throughout Asia for leaders, facilitators and coaches.

Our products and solutions are designed to bring communication to a new visual level. Ideal to boost your creativity and projects.

We provide tools to facilitate communication with templates to achieve the best outcome and a toolkit for team work, strategic visioning, organization change and brainstorming making interactions more meaningful, inspiring and fun.


We are interested and always on the look out for high quality, innovative and niche products to spur creativity and help you have more impact in your work.

Markers and other writing instruments remain simple tools which despite advancement in technology will never become obsolete. Our products are appreciated for their beauty and functionality.

Jaya uses her trainings as a laboratory in which to test out the products we sell on All Lined Up. Ensuring that we offer you what we consider to be the best.

All Lined Up is about finding tools for meaningful conversations. Our vision is to help individuals and teams to become more self-aware and connect with each other in a meaningful way. We provide the tools and the training to allow this to happen. We believe that in this digital age, the art of conversation is being lost, and we are doing our little bit to help this cause. These conversations may be in the form of RSVP games, Bikablo sharing of ideas through pictures using Neuland gear, brainstorming using Neuland moderation cards, The School of life games or our colouring posters to develop mindful qualities. We believe that this can create a ripple effect and have an impact on personal relationships and help humanise the workplace.

How did all these products become part of All Lined Up’s toolkit?


I first started with Neuland, the privately held German company run by Guido Neuland, which produces environmentally friendly markers, moderation cards, boards and many other products, which enable people to communicate visually. Going back to basics, in the form of paper and pens away from Powerpoint – makes the exchange visual and playful as drawing pens remind us of our childhood and the carefree time we spent drawing or doodling as kids. Moderation cards enable brainstorming and allow everyone to be heard and still manage meetings efficiently.


the privately held German company founded by Martin Haussmann came next after seeing their products through Neuland. bikablo’s mantra, learning to visualise without needing previous drawing skills was music to my ears. In my trainings, I could see the positive impact my flipcharts, however badly drawn, had on the participants. I was very impressed by the way bikablo akademie method which has fine-tuned over 10 years is a universally applicable visual language that anyone can learn and use immediately.


the privately held Scottish company run by Graham Cook & Associates, has developed experiential learning tools that I had used over the years. My first exposure to RSVP Design was colour blind which I still love. The ‘aha moments’ that these activities create for the participants never ceased to amaze me. I truly believe in the power of experiential learning as to this day, I remember some of the learnings I had on experiential programs nearly 20 years ago.


the privately held company headquartered in the UK and operating around the world was founded by the philosopher Alain de Botton. The School of Life is devoted to developing emotional intelligence. They address issues as how to find fulfilling work, how to master the art of relationships, how to understand one's past, how to achieve calm, and how better to understand and, where necessary change, the world.


is ranked #4 by the Financial Times worldwide survey of Executive Education. I have been using CCL’s tool for years and the quality and the depth of discussion they generate never ceases to impress me. The tools, which can be used both for big groups and one-on-one coaching, facilitate creative conversations and deep dialogues. The decks are also designed for leaders in organisations to use them with their team as there are detailed instructions as well as links to blogs showcasing ways to use the tools.