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The Colourblind® game develops effective communication and team building skills and helps teams recognise problems caused with imprecise communication and language. It is a verbal problem solving experiential learning activity that is used to improve communication & listening skills, and is played in a small group.

Wearing blindfolds to ensure total dependence upon the quality of their verbal communication, a group works together to gather information that will allow them to solve a puzzle. The size of the group (ideally between 6 and 14) demands different types of skill: information and group management, effective listening and questioning, strong chairing skills, the ability to clarify and summarise and the need for feedback to ensure understanding.

Colourblind® was developed in 1991 when our colleague, Dr.Geoff Cox, designed and delivered the first week of an induction training programme for Air Traffic Control cadets. Each cadet facing an intensive, demanding training programme in which teamwork and communication skills would be fundamental to success. Each, ultimately, would accept professional responsibilities which allow absolutely no margin for communication error, misunderstanding or ambiguity.

Colourblind® is RSVP Design's most popular experiential learning activity used internationally and among world leading brands for over 20 years, including Top 5 Executive Education suppliers such as IMD and CCL. 

This is used as:

  • A problem-solving activity to develop teamwork and communication skills among teams
  • A business coaching tool during management coaching and corporate workshops
  • One of the best team building activities to improve communication in the workplace
  • A learning exercise to teach teams to work effectively with others
  • An experiential activity during coaching and mentoring to build collaborative teams

 Highly recommended for:

  • Managers
  • Business Leaders
  • Business coaches and facilitators
  • Human resource departments
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