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Seeing The Point

Seeing The Point

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Our popular creative thinking exercise to develop creativity and innovation to illustrate "thinking outside the box".

It is a challenging way of encouraging learners to look at things in a different way: seeing beyond the obvious problem and the solutions they expect to work. 

Ideally used as an introductory activity or paired with 'Challenging Assumptions' as a 'mental warm-up' for problem-solving and creative thinking, or to reinforce key learning points.

Created by US team building expert and author Dr. Jim Cain. It is an excellent 10 to 15-minute activity for use in team building, innovative thinking, or indeed in large group conference situations. It brings to life a common issue facing many teams: ‘I’m repeatedly being asked to do more with less, and it can’t be done!'

This is used as:

  • A brainstorming tool for generating ideas
  • A creativity and innovation thinking exercise during meetings, trainings and workshops
  • A facilitation tool during conferences to keep the audience engaged

Highly recommended for:

  • Project managers
  • Agile and Scrum
  • Business Leaders
  • Coaches and facilitators
  • Start-ups
  • Creative agencies
  • Human resource departments

Individuals who want to develop creative thinking and innovation skills

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