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Workstations is a popular and challenging team problem solving game with powerful messages about managing team communication as teams are unable to write any information down. All communication is verbal; therefore, strategic thinking skills is essential.

Workstations is a team communication and information-sharing activity which is ideal for groups not previously experienced in working together. It is packaged as an extremely portable box of playing cards containing delegate briefing instructions, facilitator instructions and review suggestions within the box of cards.

This exercise demands both task and group leadership. It is an excellent introduction to 'chairing skills' and could be used as the 'warm-up' to a session on managing meetings, team briefing or working with focus groups.

It offers a good, practical illustration of team roles in action and can be successfully linked to work on effective team performance eg. using the Belbin Team Role model.

A perfect early team exercise to establish how a team works together.

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