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The Webmaster® activity uses collaboration between teams to develop time management skills through effective communication, planning processes and time restrictions.

Webmaster is a large scale experiential problem solving activity to develop collaboration across teams. Participants are required to assemble a black and white diagram using coloured ropes with specific rules they have to adhere to. Once the diagram is completed, they are then asked to re-do the whole diagram again, under a strict time frame.

Webmaster explores how participants work together in an organised, and effective manner under pressure to solve a problem. This seemingly ‘easy’ task quickly becomes demanding as participants need to use effective communication and planning and monitoring to adhere to the time frame to improve their performance.

Collaboration between teams, time management, and effective planning is key in most workplace environments, and Webmaster is the ideal activity to gain a real insight into how individuals and teams work together for mutual success, from students working on a group project, to senior executives with multiple deadlines.

Webmaster can be used either in 3 sub-sections, allowing it to be used with smaller teams, or bringing 3 sections together for larger teams.

A versatile activity which also focuses on problem solving skills and techniques, improving performance, and planning and monitoring team progress.

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Webmaster can be used in small teams, or a large team (up to 30 participants) and can be used either in or outdoors.