Visual Facilitation - 2 days bikablo® basics training in Singapore (30 & 31 March 2017)

bikablo training available in Singapore with Alllinedupbikablo training available in Singapore with Alllinedupbikablo training available in Singapore with Alllinedup


"I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to illustrate ideas with pictures: facilitators, coaches, trainers... Step by step, Marcel will teach you simple yet effective techniques to draw building blocks like titles, concepts or people. Then you'll learn how to combine them in order to achieve more complex activities like story telling or live visual recording. Coming from a "I can't draw" background, I was amazed at what I managed to draw after 2 days only!" -- Sylvain Mahe, Agile Coach
"The Bikablo training is fun and engaging. Everyone comes with an open mind to learn and share. Since the training, I sttart integrating visual learning in my work and delighting my customers. We understand our customers' needs clearly and shorten the sales cycles. I highly recommend this training and welcome you to the world of visuals." -- Angela Tan, IT Consultant
“Visual Facilitation is about drawing to communicate. Bikablo gives you a clear, simple, visual grammar, that gets the team away from arguing and toward collaborating… After the course, my meetings, and abilities as a facilitator took a 180* turn around. - Bikablo’s structure and framework is an indispensable skill that should be a part of any professional’s toolkit. - Go do It! you won’t regret it.” -- Jesko von den Steinen, Associate Director HR

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