Helping leaders find their potential and discover their purpose


Through our coaching conversations you will become more aware of your impact and improve your EQ which will enable you to build stronger interpersonal relationships and make you an influential and successful leader.

  • Individual coaching to help you accelerate your success, using my empathetic coaching skills as well as my proven track record as a senior leader (20+ years) who delivered results by managing high performing teams on different continents.
  • I deliver interactive, fun and accelerated leadership trainings for managers at all levels.
  • I am able to bridge Eastern and Western thinking with my in-depth understanding of both cultures and can help you learn how to get the best out of your cross-cultural teams or stakeholders.
  • I have a special interest in developing women leaders.

Storytelling Coaching:

We offer one on one coaching for executives, university applicants and job seekers.

We can help you craft a presentation or to find and tell your stories in a way so as to have an impact and ensure that you are interesting and memorable. That makes you stand out from the crowd.

All Lined Up is an Bikablo Certified Trainer for Singapore

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