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All Lined Up launched this rental service in 2017. We rent Neuland kit which is high quality German-made equipment to make your events, workshops, graphic facilitation, graphic recording and brainstorming even more engaging. Neuland has designed and manufactured pinboards for 40 years in Eichenzell, Germany. They are constantly innovating and improving the boards based on input from professional users.

We rent key workshop equipment – Pinboards, Graphic Boards, Flip charts, marker sets and workshop card kits. We can customize these based on your needs. The boards are ready for pick up or delivery carefully packed in Neuland bags making them easy to transport.


We have selected the best selling boards from Neuland that will meet your workshop needs. The boards provide exceptional mobility, flexibility and are quick to setup without compromising on stability. These boards allow you to work on both sides giving you ample surface to visualize and share your ideas. The materials used in the manufacture of the boards are carefully selected on the basis of global sustainability.


Make your workshops lively and engaging using workshop cards. Workshop cards allow an innovative process and an opportunity for everyone to be heard.

We put together a pack consisting of a selection of different shapes of workshop cards.

We can also help you learn how to use them effectively using Moderation techniques.


Rent high quality drawing tools to create unique visuals for your workshops.

We rent the markers in sets: NoOne (M5 and M6) and BigOne markers (T5 and T6).

This provides you an opportunity to try out Neuland markers.


All Lined Up rental services for your workshops

Talk to us so we can advise you on what would be most suitable for your event. No more shaky flip charts or compressed foam boards, you will find your work will be much more enjoyable and less stressful in addition to enhancing your professional image.

The equipment is available for pickup earliest after 8pm the day before rental and it will be packed for easy transportation. Return will be by latest 7pm on the last rental day. We will take a deposit and will finalise the invoice upon receipt of the equipment on time, clean and undamaged (properly packed in the same way as you received them).

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