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Advanced Facilitation Skills - Facilitating Learning using experiential learning methods and activities (9-10 May 2019)


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This two-day workshop is an opportunity for trainers, educators, L+D specialists, agile coaches and HR professionals to improve their confidence and competence in facilitation, with a particular emphasis on designing and facilitating experiential learning programmes.

Facilitation is a broad concept that is used to describe a range of roles, from pure process facilitation to the facilitation of learning in relation to specific, pre-determined personal and organisational learning objectives. This workshop explores the principles and practice of effective group facilitation and offers techniques and processes that are designed to help groups to learn and improve performance.

Facilitation skills Training in Singapore on 9-10 May 2019

Timings: 9 - 5.30 pm

Location: Drama Centre, National Library Building, Function Room 2

100 Victoria Street #03-01, Singapore 188064

 Workshop Objectives

 The facilitation course in singapore  will enable participants to:

  • Understand what makes an effective learner and how to develop individual learning capability
  •  Explore a range of different facilitative roles and consider how and when to use these in supporting the achievement of specific individual and organisational goals
  •  Deepen their understanding of the experiential learning cycle and understand how this can be used as the basis for activity and programme design
  • Learn and apply a variety of reviewing and de-briefing techniques
  • Rehearse and refine key facilitation skills including:
    • Observation of individual behaviours and inter-personal interactions
    • Active and reflective listening
    • Skills of summary, clarification and ‘translation’ to ensure effective communication                                    
    • The choice and formulation of powerful questions
    •  The ability to confront and challenge whilst retaining a non-judgemental attitude
    •  Group management, gate-keeping and inclusion
    • A focus on action and development planning

Day 1:

  • Introductory activity using imagery – exploration of building trust
  • Experiential activity to enable us to see how people learn as they work in groups to solve problems.
  • How to set behavioural objectives and the importance of these in choosing and using experiential activities
  • The changing role of the facilitator
  • Practising key skills for facilitators
  • The skills and techniques of effective reviewing and de-briefing

 Day 2:

  • How to design an effective learning activity that ‘simulates’ the learners’ reality
  • Participants work in small groups to design a new activity to achieve a specific learning outcome
  • Facilitating group process – working around some of the common concerns expressed by facilitators e.g. How do I deal with resistance? What do I do if I have participant who do not speak or contribute?
  • Practical experience of facilitation with observation & feedback from Ann & the other participants
  • Focus on movement to action and the transfer of skills back to the working environment


Workshop Style

The style of this workshop is highly inter-active and is based on small group practical work, reflection and discussion. We will use the stimulus of practical, team tasks and de-briefs to illustrate group work in action and to rehearse the facilitation skills listed above. A wide range of RSVP Design’s experiential learning activities will be available and we will select from these according to the specific interests of the workshop participants.

Workshop Leader

The workshop will be facilitated by Ann Alder, Director of RSVP Design Ltd. Ann is an experienced facilitator who has worked with international groups in leading corporations, NGOs, academic institutions and small businesses. She is the author of ‘Pattern-Making, Pattern-Breaking’ - a practical guide to facilitating learning and behaviour change through experiential learning techniques. A copy of this book will be given to each participant attending the two-day workshop worth SGD 100.--

What past participants have said:

"These were two of the most wonderful two days of training that I have had in 40 years of working in education. I have enjoyed this more, and learnt more, than in anything else I have done at the Polytechnic. Ann Adler is, without doubt, the best facilitator of learning I have ever met." Sajida Tabbara, Dean of the School of Humanities, Bahrain Polytechnic 

This is used as:

  • A workshop to learn facilitation techniques & skills
  • Learn how to improve communication in the workplace
  • Experiential activities during coaching and mentoring to build collaborative teams
  • A training tool to improve  collaboration for individuals and teams
  • A tool to facilitate Design Thinking workshops and Agile project management training

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Advanced Facilitation Skills - Facilitating Learning using experiential learning methods and activities (9-10 May 2019)

Advanced Facilitation Skills - Facilitating Learning using experiential learning methods and activities (9-10 May 2019)

SGD 1,200.00