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CCL - Leadership Metaphor Explorer Facilitator's set

CCL - Leadership Metaphor Explorer Facilitator's set

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SGD 250.00

The Center for Creative leadership has created a dynamic, interactive tool designed to stimulate creative, insightful conversations in and among groups about leadership.

The set, which includes a deck of 83 postcard-size cards illustrated with a rich variety of drawings and captions and a comprehensive facilitator’s guide, is designed to help people understand how leadership plays out in their organizations, communities, and across boundaries.

Please visit Center for Creative Leadership's Labs@CCL Support Blog for User’s Guides, stories, tips, and insights.

This is used as:

  • As facilitation picture cards to engage teams and use as corporate meeting ice breakers
  • A business coaching tool during management coaching and corporate workshops
  • An energizer game during workshops and trainings
  • An experiential activity during coaching and mentoring sessions

 Highly recommended for:

  • Managers and team leads
  • Business Leaders
  • Business coaches and facilitators
  • Human resource departments
    Agile and scrum practitioners