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Moderatus® 3/15, Pin-It

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Opmimized Content! All of your core workshop materials for a 3 day session with up to 15 participants. W 45 x D 28 x H 15 cm, Weight: 6 kg

1000 Rectangular Pin-it cards, assorted
60 Titles Pin-it, assorted
250 Oval Pin-it cards, assorted
250 Medium Circular Pin-it cards, assorted
250 Small Circular Pin-it cards, assorted
25 WorkshopClouds medium, 16.5 x 9.8 inches
4 BigOnes (Black, Red, Blue & Green)
20 NoOne Black 
1,000 Marking Dots assorted
2 Glue sticks
1 Masking tape
300 Pins

1 Tissue packet

This is used as:

  • As essential meeting room accessories that every boardroom, conference room and training room should have
  • A handy facilitator’s kit that you can buy as a set packed in a portable cardboard case
  • A better way to tick the boxes on your conference planning checklist
  • As a ready-to-go meeting facilitation toolkit for off-site corporate meetings


Highly recommended for:

  • Business coaches and facilitators
  • Office supplies managers
  • Hotel conference rooms
  • Training facilities
  • Human resource departments
  • Corporate event managers

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Moderatus® 3/15, Pin-It

Moderatus® 3/15, Pin-It

SGD 252.00