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Simbols Online Version

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Simbols (online version) is an excellent fully virtual experiential learning activity for improving communication skills within a team, and based on the highly successful face to face Simbols physical activity. The team must quickly develop a common language, use problem solving techniques and strategic thinking to succeed in this challenging online team activity. It can be used with a group of 6 to 30 people, and these can be arranged as either a single large team or three sub-teams. 

Facilitate Simbols (online version) using any simple online video conferencing solution such as Zoom or Google Meet. 

If a customer purchases both the original physical and online versions, then it is possible to deliver a complete online, blended, or live face to face learning experience.

A single user licence with an online facilitator guide. This guide includes:

→information on setting up the activity and briefing delegates
→instructions on operating the activity and facilitating learning for the group
→suggestions for reviewing the learning

Online access, and links to the 30 x images of Simbols (online) tiles for distribution to participants

Online access, and links to the file for the facilitator to complete the digital time trial of placing the Image tiles as directed by participants into the correct place on the grid

All materials and instructions to run for either the large single Group version, or the three Team version (four virtual break-out rooms are recommended for this version)

Unlimited licence and use of all materials included in single purchase price


Simbols is an excellent experiential learning activity for improving communication skills within a team using problem solving techniques and strategic thinking to improve their performance to meet tight deadlines.

Simbols is initially, a seemingly simple task, but quickly becomes challenging as there is only one answer to the problem, and only one chance to solve it! Each individual has a number of patterned magnetic cards, which they need to describe the pattern of, in order to fit it into the correct place on a magnetic board. Participants can only communicate verbally and cannot show each other their cards, meaning each individual must contribute to solve the problem. Participants have only one chance to provide the correct answer, therefore process planning and improvement is vital.

Using verbal communication only, participants need to refine and improve their language and communication skills for mutual understanding between team members, mimicking everyday communication when a shared visual reference is not available.

As well as improving communication, problem solving skills and team building, Simbols activity also tackles project planning, strategic thinking, improving performance, and time management as participants are given a strict time frame to assemble their grid.

It is also an excellent exercise to use on an international or cross-cultural awareness programme as it rapidly highlights different cultural references and language styles.

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Simbols Online Version

Simbols Online Version

SGD 275.00