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The Values Game



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The Values Game is an aid for groups, teams or organisations for clarification of core values and norms that they all consider to be important. By using and prioritising these cards, people will not only become more aware of what they value, but also appreciate other people's perspectives.

Consisting of over 140 cards, divided into three categories, there are plenty of keywords and phrases to choose from which represents a wide range of core values. 

The game is appropriate for considering personal values, organisational values, group norms, and themes. It has broad uses and was designed for those applying The Values Game in work situations including trainers, teachers, managers, care workers, career counsellors, coaches etc.

The Values Game is intended to be an aid in provoking and directing value and norm discussion.

The issue in this game concerns the (individual) exploration to the question:

• What do I as an individual (or we as a team or organisation) think is the right thing to do? 

And next:

• What impact do the selected values have on my everyday actions? 

By exploring various subjects to carry out this search, your ‘inner compass of values and norms’ will become manifest. The exercise is an aid to reach consensus of group, team, or organisation values and norms and their importance. 

Used as either a team or group exercise for diversity training and awareness, or used as a personal coaching tool to provide awareness of our own personal core values at a conscious level. 

The game may play a part in the process of discussing values and norms, but should not direct or impose any particular value or norm, as each individual's value should be respected. 

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The Values Game

The Values Game

SGD 71.50