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Cultural Connections

Cultural Connections

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Cultural Connections is a culture and diversity training exercise to raise awareness and test knowledge of intercultural norms and etiquette inside and outside of the business environment.

Cultural Connections uses a 'Learning Loops' style of multiple choice questions, designed to test individual and team knowledge, and to provoke discussion about wider themes of diversity and cultural stereotyping. 

Cultural Connections exercise is a physical card game which allows teams and individuals to improve their knowledge and awareness of some of the researched cultural differences around the world based upon national culture.

Cultural Connections™ can be played solo by an individual, or within groups of up to 12, where each question is discussed and a team consensus reached. The game explores a number of areas in which there are specific international cultural differences in areas such as:

  • • Relationships with time
  • • The environment
  • • The ways in which status is ascribed
  • • Customs
  • • Etiquette
  • • Business protocol