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Sequencer Mini (61cm) & carry case



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New mini version....same big impact on learning!

Sequencer requires close co-operation, strong leadership and excellent communication skills between members, as well as a clear allocation of team roles. Sequencer is an exercise which makes great demands on teamwork!

Team members are required to work out how to assemble a set of different wooden plywood pieces to make a structure which is identical to the design pattern/diagram they have received.
It requires close cooperation, strong leadership and excellent communication skills between members, as well as a clear delegation of team roles.

Following the initial construction period the group then have to reassemble the pieces against the clock to see if they can they produce sufficient process improvement from construction to achieve the challenging time trial.

There is only one way in which the pieces will fit correctly. Pieces should not be forced. Correct positioning allows the joints to fit without distortion of the shape. As there is only one answer to the problem, this has to be established through a process of trial and error. Detailed planning at this stage is ineffective as the theories must be tested in practice at an early stage.

Once the assembly is complete, the team must develop and rehearse a strategy for taking the structure to pieces and re-building it accurately against the clock. As the pieces cannot be marked or pre-sorted they need to have a well-developed plan for identifying components and using manpower efficiently if they are to succeed.

What's included:

15x Individual Plywood components - largest piece is 61cm (2 feet), Facilitator manual and carry case.
Package Weight: 1.5kg
When assembled fully Mini Sequencer is 72cm x 70cm.

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Sequencer Mini (61cm) & carry case

Sequencer Mini (61cm) & carry case

SGD 615.00