If not now, when?

To quote Gandhi “Be the change you want to see in the world” – each one of us has to think about what we are consuming and how we can reuse more. Growing up in India, we didn’t have plastic bags only paper bags which served us very well. We sold all our old newspapers which were then reused and much to our delight, old exam papers often popped up in the paper cones that the peanut seller filled with peanuts. It felt as if nothing was thrown away and could be reused, today of course India has changed too.

It is in the oceans that all our non-biodegradable waste ends up. This waste is mainly plastic, more than 250,000 tons of it. The ocean now contains 6 times more plastic than plankton and this plastic doesn’t go away – it just breaks up into smaller pieces. It threatens our marine life and causes damage throughout the food change.

Oceans are the lifeblood of our planet. They cover 70% of the earth’s surface and contain 97% of our water supply.

We need to improve the use of plastic and reuse more.

If not now – then when?

Written by

Jaya Machet

Jaya Machet is an Executive coach, Visual & Business Story Powered Communication Facilitator. She helps humanise the workplace through meaningful communication.