Sweet success

A 94 year old lady from Chandigarh in India launched her own startup four years ago proving age is just a number. 

Harbhajan Kaur is the proud founder of her brand ‘Harbhajan’ with a tag-line ‘Bachpan Yaad Ayega’ ( You’ll remember your childhood) selling a variety of home-made products.

It all started when Harbhajan told her daughter that she felt sad that she was over 90 years old but had never earned a penny. Her daughter knew her mother was an accomplished cook who never bought anything from the market because she could make it herself at home. She told her mother to make besan ki barfi (a popular Indian sweet) which she would sell for her in an Organic market. The sweets sold well, with a demand for more. What had started as a weekend business soon became an enterprise.

Harbhajan Kaur has received praise for her entrepreneurship from many business leaders and is an inspiration to us.

Business point: It’s never too late to get started

Taking the first step 

If you have a skill it can be a business

You can stop, take a raincheck and restart at any point of your life or career

Written by

Sujata Ray

Sujata Ray is a writer and event specialist at All Lined Up.