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12 Oct '19

Bikablo Books

Posted by Jaya Machet


Bikablo 1 introduces you to the world of pictures and can be used as reference material or simply as a source of inspiration.

This book covers 6 areas over 131 pages:

  • Script and graphics
  • Objects
  • Symbols
  • Figures
  • Situations
  • Picture worlds



Building on a strong base of Bikablo 1, Bikablo 2 takes visualisation to the next level.

You will find even more specialized pictures and poster templates for organizational issues ranging from personnel, individual personality, organisational development, strategic planning, project management, marketing and the general economy.

This book covers 4 sections over 134 pages:

  • Tools for visual facilitation: Text borders, symbols, figures, poster templates
  • Visual tools for workshop and meetings
  • Visual tools for team and projects
  • Visual tools for company and markets

Bikablo® Emotions

Little figures with big feelings: make emotions come to life with Bikablo emotions.

This book covers 4 sections over 83 pages:

  • Symbols representing emotions 
  • Figures showing positive and negative emotions 
  • Emotional needs
  • Emotional situations