New Skills and Faces in the Bikablo Family by Martin Haussmann

The last two weeks were pretty busy at the bikablo headquarters: We welcomed new members to our global family, and proficient trainers upgraded their portfolio with the bikablo advanced agenda. This yearly gathering allowes us to see each other face to face, to learn from each other, share experiences and celebrate.

Please meet the new faces in our team: Christian is a consultant and Lego Serious Play Facilitator based in Lima and joins Alexandra Oporto at the NaveLab team for trainings in Peru. Gillian is an extremely experienced process facilitator based in Cape Town and opens the South African market for our visualization concept. Our Romanian trainer Iulianwho just started partnering with us at the beginning of the year, upgraded his skills to the two-day training.

Our team members Andrea (Volkswagen corporation), Alexandra (Peru), Jaya (Singapore), Jill (US), Maaike (Netherlands), Xiaoli, Eva and Oscar (China), Danny and Marcel (Australia), Koen and Charles-Louis (Belgium) got trained for the newly designed bikablo two-day advanced training, that provides well-proven visualization techniques and methodologies for basic training participants who want more. This new format offers a customized agenda of Visual Facilitator skills from our curriculum modules Visual Storytelling and Graphic Recording.

For our trainer community, these events are always an important occasion for meeting old and new friends and fostering the community. For us it’s important to care for every trainer personality, provide individual learning steps and inspire new trainers with the bikablo spirit and our community values.

We are already looking forward to next year, as these rare occasions are invaluable to our global bikablo trainer community.


From Bikablo Akademie