When your back is to the wall the only way is forward

I came across this story and it resonated with me and I have been thinking how it can be used in a business context.

Jyoti Kumari a 15-year-old girl from a village in Bihar came to Delhi to take care of her father after he got injured in an accident. The lockdown was announced on 25th March with immediate effect leaving them stranded and with limited money for food or medicines.

They were desperate to get home as they were facing eviction and starvation. Since the expansive railway system and public transport was closed, the only solution that came to Jyoti was to cycle home. Her father tried to talk her out of it saying that it was a difficult journey for her alone but impossible with him as a pillion rider. Jyoti was not dissuaded.

It took her 10 days to cycle 1,200 kilometres (745 miles) to their village. They survived by getting food and water from strangers and sometimes hitched a ride in trucks.  

The Cycling Federation of India was impressed and invited Jyoti for all expenses paid try-out.

Her story made global headlines and touched hearts on social media. She said she had not cycled her father home in pursuit of fame, but it was decision taken in desperation.

Every business story needs a point, here are a few that I have thought of:

  • Even an action that seems doomed for failure is better than inaction
  • Determination
  • Having a goal
  • Achieving things with limited resources

What other points can you make with this story?

Written by

Jaya Machet

Jaya Machet is an Executive coach, Visual & Business Story Powered Communication Facilitator. She helps humanise the workplace through meaningful communication.